How can I take part at the Karaoke European Championships?

The first step is participation in the national preliminary rounds (National Karaoke Cup). The winner (cup winner) represent their nation at the EUROKE. The finale will take place on 2 evenings. The last man and woman standing win the title!

How can I join as a competitor then?

Check whether or not your country is listed on the Countries-page. There will be a link to the Local Organizer’s webpage (coming soon), where you should find more information about the trials.

But am I eligible to compete?

If you are over 18 years of age and consider yourself an amateur singer; if you don’t do paid singing performances on weekly basis and if you’re not funded by a third party, you may be eligible. Contact your Local Organizer for details.

I’m a foreigner living in a new country, can I represent it in the competition?

Yes, provided that you have citizenship and have lived in the new country over three (3) years.

Which songs can I choose?

We have a catalog of a huge selection of songs available to choose from. However, you may use your own backings as long as they are licensed and/or legitimately purchased.

What is in it for the winner?

The winner of the EUROKE will receive the title Karaoke European Champion, as well as a wildcard for participation at the World Karaoke Tour in Las Vegas including flight and accommodation.

What if I already participated, can I try again?

Former EUROKE European Karaoke Champions cannot participate again. Former national representatives have a one-year cool down period before they can participate the Europe Final Event again as a competitor. Everyone else is welcome to try again every year.