Qualify for your participation in EUROKE with your YouTube video.
If you are one of the lucky winners, we will notify you a month before finals.


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Conditions of participation
1. Entitled to participate are all Persons at the Age of 18 Years, which have both the Cizitenship and the main Residence in the Country which they are participating for in the EUROKE.
2. Musical Activities shall only be practiced avocational
3. The Candidate shall not absolve more than 52 Performances a Year
4. Persons, which produced visual and audio Material during the Duration of the EUROKE Qualyfings are ruled out from the Competition.
5. All Jury-Assessments are unassailable
6. Visual and Audio Material of the participating Persons may be used in any optional Way by the Organizer.
7. The Organizer will not assume any personal Liability or Guarantee for the won Prices